Testimonial from Mrs Shobhaa De (typed for easy reference)

It is amazing to discover just how far Dr Raghu Ram has come with his dream to provide world class facilities & raise the bar in his chosen field. I am impressed and filled with deep admiration. Well done and keep up the great work. India needs inspiring individuals like yourself!
Shobhaa De
8 April 2014

‘I have watched Dr. Raghu Ram's contribution to healthcare in the Country with great admiration. He has displayed great vision, and he works with passion and a missionary zeal. He has been able to provide first class care for thousands of women.'
Mr. K. Padmanabhaiah
Former Union Home Secretary
(October 2013)

‘A few years ago when Dr. Raghu Ram came back home after practicing for many years in the UK, hardly anyone knew him in Hyderabad. But that was then. Raghu's effort at increasing awareness of breast cancer has borne fruit.’
Mr Kingshuk Nag
Editor, The Times of India, Andhra Pradesh
(September 2013)

‘I have known Dr Raghu Ram since 2009. His outstanding achievements, passion for his chosen profession & love for India are very strong characteristics of the man. He has been working with a missionary zeal over the past several years to improve the delivery of breast healthcare in Andhra Pradesh.’
Mr Mike Nithavrianakis
British Deputy High Commissioner for South India
(August 2013)

‘Dr. Raghu Ram is a rising star in surgical practice who has achieved in a few years what might take others a lifetime. He is an advocate of best practice & possesses many altruistic values.'
Mr Ian Ritchie
President, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
(July 2013)

(Youngest ever recipient in the 508 years history of the College)
Mr President, Members of Council, Ladies and Gentlemen
It gives me great pleasure to present Dr Raghu Ram Pillarisetti for the award of our College Overseas Gold Medal. As the oldest surgical institution in the world, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has a distinguished history of over 500 years. During this time we have been able to maintain such a high standing worldwide, because of the commitment to our College, shown by our overseas Fellows and Members. Today, in Raghu Ram, we acknowledge the help and dedication of one such Fellow.
At this College, we take great pride in reaching out to our Fellows and Members all over the world by going out to their countries and holding courses, examinations and scientific meetings. Such activities would never be possible without the wholehearted commitment of Fellows like Raghu Ram. He follows a large number of luminaries who have been awarded this medal in previous years; and Raghu Ram has been the youngest of them all thus far. They have given of their time and expertise and expended a huge effort in conducting our examinations and courses abroad.
Although a Fellow of our other entire sister Surgical Royal Colleges - England, Glasgow and Ireland - Raghu Ram’s primary allegiance has always been to this College, ever since he was appointed to his first training post in the Royal Infirmary here in Edinburgh. Since 2000 - whilst working in training posts in the United Kingdom - he has been single-handedly responsible, for holding ten postgraduate surgical courses for our College in the Southern Indian City of Hyderabad. His missionary zeal shone through, when every year he took his annual leave and travelled to India to organise and teach in these courses.
But it is not just for these courses that we at this College are indebted to Raghu Ram. He convened three very successful Intercollegiate MRCS examinations, the last one being in 2012. It is directly as a result of his efforts, of Himalayan proportions, that Hyderabad, the capital of the State of Andhra Pradesh, has become such an important centre for our College’s activities in the Indian Subcontinent. To accomplish such tasks in that part of the world, many of you here today would appreciate, that one needs the patience of a saint, the perseverance of Robert the Bruce and the thick skin of a rhinoceros. Raghu has been blessed with all of these virtues in abundance. As an acknowledgement of these virtues, and for his unstinting help, he has been appointed as an International Surgical Advisor – one of five in India.
After completing his surgical training in the United Kingdom as a breast surgeon, he returned to his home city of Hyderabad where he is a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon and Director of Kims Ushalakshmi Centre for Breast Diseases. Within the short period of five years, Raghu has made an extraordinary contribution to the enlightenment of people in India to the early detection of breast cancer through a number of unique initiatives and innovations. Several published papers in peer reviewed journals, chapters in surgical text books and a Chapter in Recent Advances in Surgery, now in its 34th edition, are but a few of his academic accomplishments. In 2008 he was elecetd as the Editorial Secretary of the Indian Association of Surgical Oncology. To cap it all, whilst being the current Vice President, he has recently been elected as the President of the Association of Breast Surgeons of India for the year 2015.
Today Raghu is accompanied by his wife Dr. Vyjayanthi, a well known Fertility Specialist and his two sons Sai and Krishna, who we hope will become the third generation Fellows of this College. This expectation may be a bit premature as they are only 14 and 9 years old! Raghu’s father, Professor Chalapathi Rao, an Ad hominem Fellow of our College and his mother, Dr Ushalakshmi cannot be here today to share this joyous afternoon because of other commitments in India.
Mr President, I present to you Dr. Raghu Ram for the award of the College’s Overseas Gold Medal.
‘I consider you as a great surgeon, not only because of the deftness with which you make surgical incisions, but also because of the compassion you carry in the heart and the humane qualities with which you remained committed to the profession’.
Mr Ramoji Rao
Chairman, Eenadu group
(March 2013)

Dear Dr Raghu Ram
I admire you so for the hard work you are doing for the women of India. Your progressive approach to early detection of breast cancer and compassionate treatment is wonderful. You have changed the lives of so many women. I wish you continued success in your endeavours. I pledge my continued support for you and your Centre
Thank you for all you do
Prof. Patricia Numann MS, FACS
President, American College of Surgeons (2011-2012)
(January 2013)
It has been my greatest fortune to be treated by Dr. Raghu Ram at the KIMS - Ushalakshmi Centre for Breast diseases. My own tryst with breast cancer has seen me emerge strong and successful in dealing with cancer because of the extraordinary quality of treatment, the untiring support through pre and post surgery management, and equally, personal, supportive, sympathetic, empathetic caring and counseling provided by Dr Raghu Ram throughout the period of my treatment.
Mrs Ananda Shankar Jayant
Well known Classical dancer & Padmashri Awardee
(September 2012)

In a short span of time, Dr Raghu Ram has achieved so much in a selfless quest to improve the suffering of patients with breast cancer and also helped many young Surgeons from the Indian Subcontinent preparing for the prestigious FRCS and MRCS Examinations. What could be better than dedicating one's life to the well being of patients and colleagues alike?
Dr Pradip K Datta MBE
Former Member of Council, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
(August 2012)

Dr. Raghu Ram is a gentleman and is someone who is generous to a fault. He has always placed the needs of others before his own. It is indeed these exceptional qualities coupled with his inspirational leadership abilities & distinguished accomplishments during his Higher Surgical Training that have made him one of the most successful overseas qualified doctors of his generation in the United Kingdom.
Dr SYPC Prasad Rao
Former Chairman, British International Doctors Association, United Kingdom
(July 2012)

I have known Dr. Raghu Ram as a Graduate of Medicine since 1991. It is a rare for well settled doctors abroad to sacrifice their lucrative position & return back to serve their motherland. Dr Raghu Ram is one of those rare professionals who has come back and established Indian Subcontinent’s First free standing purpose built Centre for Breast health. I am one of those who believe that a doctor should balance his professional skills with human values. I vouch safe that Dr Raghu Ram has both these qualities.
Prof. Dr Kakarla Subba Rao
Padmashri awardee & Former Chairman Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences
(June 2012)

Researching breast awareness foundations and projects with roots not based in the United States was easier said than done. I was able to find organizations in other countries and they are doing wonderful things. I am highlighting the Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation in India. The foundation is associated with the Kim-Ushalakshmi Centre for Breast Diseases in India. The Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation and the Centre for Breast Diseases have wonderful educational resources available in PDF format for download. The resources have been researched extensively and are written in a format for ease of reading and understanding.

What I found impressive of this center is they have partnered with Dr. Reddy’s Foundation for Healthcare Education & Breast Cancer Care, in the United Kingdom to collaborate on the educational material. This venture came from the diligence of Dr. P. Raghu Ram, as it was his mother, Dr. Ushalakshmi who developed breast cancer in 2002 and attention was brought before him that the women of India had very limited educational resources. Partnered here are the countries of the United Kingdom and India to provide resources for the men and women of India with breast cancer. Do you want to know what is on both of these sites that is universal? The Pink Ribbon! Isn’t it awesome that whatever country, or whatever language, some symbols are universally understood? The Pink Ribbon is another story in itself.
Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN is an Oncology
Registered Nurse and Wellness Coach, Australia
(October 2010)