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Presidential Oration, ABSICON 2017

Dr. Raghu Ram delivered the PRESIDENTIAL ORATION at ABSICON 2017 - the Annual Conference of The Association of Breast Surgeons of India in Bengaluru on 10 November 2017.
Titled ‘UNITED KINGDOM TO INDIA – A DREAM ACCOMPLISHED’, he reflected upon the FOUR DREAMS that he translated to REALITY over the past DECADE (2007 – 2017) after returning to India from the United Kingdom, when his mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer.
DREAM1: To establish South Asia’s First free standing purpose built Breast Health Centre in Hyderabad - an endeavour to provide world class treatment to women presenting with Breast disease
DREAM 2: To create a Breast Cancer Foundation and transform breast cancer from a ‘taboo’/’closet issue’ to a much commonly discussed one through a number of innovative initiatives.
DREAM 3: To implement South Asia’s largest population based Breast Cancer Screening Programme reaching out to the underprivileged women living in rural India
DREAM 4: To establish The Association of Breast Surgeons of India aiming to bring together Surgeons practicing Breast Surgery under one platform in an endeavor to standardize Breast healthcare in the Country...