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Invited speaker – INK 2017

Dr. P. Raghu Ram, Director was the only Indian Surgeon invited to participate @ The INK Conference 2017, which was held on 26 and 27 November 2017 at HITEX in Hyderabad as a prelude to the prestigious Global Economic Summit 2017. 

INK stands for INNOVATION AND KNOWLEDGE & brings together some of the world's thinkers and doers under one platform on an annual basis.

With the theme - “Road to GES: Beyond Boundaries”, this was a unique conference where for the first time ever INK (India's leading thought-leadership platform), T-Hub (India's largest startup incubator), NITI Aayog (National Institute for Transforming India, GOI) and Telangana Government came together as hosts!. The event is being curated by Lakshmi Pratury. 

Dr. Raghu Ram highlighted his views about the importance of Counselling in Cancer care and the urgent need to introduce this concept into the Indian Medical Curriculum in a Panel discussion Titled "Stuff of Life: Exploring Health, Well-being and Society" . The Panel Discussion was moderated by Lakshmi Pratury, Curator and host of INK 2017.  The Panel included Dr. P. Raghu Ram (Director, KIMS-USHALAKSHMI Centre for Breast Diseases), Ananda  Shankar Jayant (classical dancer & breast cancer survivor) and Mr Raghu Gullapalli (Executive Director at LV Prasad Eye Institute). 

Dr. Raghu Ram emphasised that it is the duty of the doctor to Counsel patients by addressing the fears and anxieties, and equally preparing the mind to deal with the illness. Recollecting the poignant quote from Hippocrates - 'Father of Medicine' , Dr. Raghu Ram said 'A doctor can cure sometimes, treat often, but should never ever forget to comfort, always' . He touched upon the fact that cancer does not just affect the body - it affects the body and mind ; and hence, treating just the body is not adequate. Preparing the Patient's mind helps enormously in coping with the diagnosis of cancer & gaining inner strength to deal with the treatments offered. 

Dr. Raghu Ram also brought to the attention of the Panel that Communication skills are a vital component of the prestigious FRCS/MRCS/MRCP/MRCOG examinations in the United Kingdom. No matter how sound the trainee may be in terms of knowledge base and skills, failure in the Communication skills section would mean that he /she has to resist the examination all over again. Such high levels of importance is given to Communication skills abroad. Dr. Raghu Ram strongly felt that Communication skills must become a mandatory part and parcel of assessment, examinations & clinical practice in India as well. 

Ananda Shankar Jayanan accomplished Classical Dancer & breast cancer 'conqueror' eloquently spoke about how counselling helped her 'dance her way through cancer treatment' with courage and determination.. 


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