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Guest of honour, Annual Conference, Venous Association of India

Dr. Raghu Ram was the Guest of honour at VASICON 2019 - annual conference of The Venous Association of India held on 19 and 20 January 2019 in Hyderabad

Synopsis of the key messages delivered by Dr Raghu Ram

 1 Due to lack of awareness, venous disorders in India are often under diagnosed and under treated. There is an urgent need to empower the ‘common man’ through innovative initiatives about the preventive steps to be taken in simple easy to understand format, thus reaching far and wide. He gave an example of how Police Constables spend hours together standing - fulfilling a thankless job - our unsung Heros...many of them would have varicose veins ( engorged veins in the legs that develop due to prolonged standing / can cause significant morbidly / quality of life issues and loss of wages due to off work) - Urged the Venous Association to take up Screening of this vulnerable group and advice.

Equally, emphasised the need to strengthen the automated traffic monitoring system in the State that would save the need for Constables manning these traffic lights all day long....

 2. Requested the members of Venous Association of India to join forces with The Association of Surgeons of India with the goal to empower every practicing general surgeon in the country about basic management principles for various venous disorders. This joint initiative, would undoubtedly pave the path towards significantly improving standards of care of patients presenting with these disorders all across our Country, thus saving many lives and preventing/minimizing morbidity associated with this spectrum of non communicable disorders.

 In particular, emphasised that there is a pressing need to ensure that there is an Institutional protocol to prevent/ minimise Deep Vein Thrombosis in every Hospital in the Country (both in urban and rural areas). Effective implementation of this policy in itself would save scores of lives by preventing acute venous thromboembolism, which potentially could cause sudden death...